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How Will You Leverage Your 10% Order Coupon

The coupon can help you to GAIN, SUSTAIN and RETAIN business.

What is Your Current Goal?

Before using the coupon, know what your current goals is. Is your focus currently on being offensively minded:

Go after new customers?

Providing value adds to existing customers?

Or is to be more defensively minded:

Stopping competitions from taking your business?

You Have A Goal In Mind

Once you have a goal on mind, use the coupon in a way that helps you to be more effective to gain that goal.

Do I extend the coupon to customer orders?

Do I use it to focus on a certain product line?

Do I use it to launch Clear 21?

Do I use it to build inventory for future needs?

"Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point."
— Henry Mintzberg

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