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Advanced Course Presented by OrthoSmart & Dr.Rumi

Three-day course in Argentina for Costa Rica

You might ask yourself why the distributor from Costa Rica traveled all the way to Argentina to do this course. I would like to highlight that Orthosmart has a fun and unique way of building relationships and creating customer loyalty.

OrthoSmart planned this course over a year ago, back when there were travel restrictions for Argentinian residents due to the pandemic. OrthoSmart knew they wanted to work with Dr. rumi, this is when they came up with the idea to take a group of Pitts users to Argentina.

The purpose of this course was for Pitts users to grow their knowledge on new products entering the CostaRican market, such as the Pitts Pro, Bernie tubes, and Plus Plus wires. Dr. Rumi did an amazing job of sharing his personal experience using the Pitts system.

This was more than just a course for the attendees, this was a way of networking with colleagues, building new relationships, and sharing experiences with likeminded orthodontists. As the OC representative, I was excited to show support and to be part of such a great group.

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