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NEW: Pitts v Damon Study

Comparison study of torque strength

New Study Published in Journal

One of our lead Ambassadors, Dr. Prasad Chitra from India, conducted a study comparing torque expression in the Pitts21 vs the Damon Q. In writing about the article, Dr Chitra concluded that torque expression in the Pitts 21 system is superior to the Damon Q.

The subsequent article has been published in the Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research

We believe this is a great opportunity to provide doctors with scientific evidence regarding the efficacy of the Pitts platform.

Along with a copy of the published article, we have included a one-page talking points memo. These talking points highlight the key findings of the study. They are written to help your sales teams understand the research findings and communicate those findings effectively.

Please ensure your sales teams have read and understood the talking points

Sincere gratitude to Dr Chitra and Naresh Panjala from HS Dental, our trusted distributor in India.

Please find below the following:

-Talking points in discussing the article

-Copy of the article.

Pitts21 vs Damon - The Evidence with Talking Points
Download PDF • 6.54MB

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