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NEW: Ready for Ambassador 2.0?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Everything you need to know and what you need to do!

September is Ambassador 2.0 Month

Back in June OC soft-launched our updated Ambassador program. We used that launch to test the rewards software that will be used as the face of the program.

We announced to you all that there were THREE major exciting changes to the OC Ambassador program. These changes enhance the user experience, allowing Ambassadors to earn loyalty points while building a community of like-minded, progressive orthodontists.

You can read the entire article about that soft launch and the changes here:

Pre-Launch Is Here Now

Over the course of September, OC will be officially rolling out the new and improved Ambassador Program 2.0.

Starting today we will email all existing OC Ambassadors and ask them to re-enroll in the updated program. The enrollment is very simple.

Has an existing OC Orthodontics account:

Simply log in and the rewards feature will automatically be available.

Does NOT have an existing OC Orthodontics account:

Create an OC login and add an Ambassador profile. Takes less than a minute!

Full Launch on September 12th

The Ambassador Program 2.0 will be publicly launched to everyone on September 12th. The launch will involve a campaign across social media platforms and email.

The campaign will center on the program's marketing tag: NETWORK. ENGAGE. LEARN. There will also be a lot of emphasis on the exciting new rewards program.

What Should You Know and What Should You Do

We know that you will have questions about Ambassador 2.0. More importantly, you will want to know what we want you all to do.

To help you we have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions and Action Items PowerPoint and video.

FAQ and Actions PowerPoint:

FAQs Ambassador Program 2.0
Download PPTX • 4.73MB

(for internal use only)

FAQ and Actions Video:

(for internal use only)

**We strongly encourage you to educate yourselves and your sales teams on the program**

New Flyer to Promote Ambassador 2.0:

Ambassador Program 2.0 - Flyer
Download PDF • 4.69MB

Check Out the Assets PAGE On OC Partner

If You Haven't Yet..............SIGN UP!


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