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Chat GPT: The Quiz!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Quiz open until December 8th

Articles and Quizzes

2023 has been the year of Chat GPT articles and quizzes. Using this new AI tool, we have been able to post a variety of informative and useful articles. The first Chat GPT article we posted was on May 24th when we asked AI to let us know the latest trends in orthodontics.

Since that first article, we have posted further articles on a variety of topics, from explaining what accelerated orthodontics means to sales skills and selling techniques. Each article was written with the help of Chat GPT. In order to encourage you all to read and learn from the articles, we have a number of quizzes. Some of these quizzes came with some very nice prizes in the form of order discounts.

All the Articles Posted to OCP

May 24th - Orthodontic Trends
July 10th - Chat GPT Trivia
Aug 16th - Talking Points
Sept 6th - Advocacy Marketing

Chat GPT - The Quiz!!

We decided to round out the year by having the ultimate test of how well you read and remembered all the Chat GPT articles.

So here it is, the last quiz of 2023. One final chance to test your knowledge and win a pretty nice prize.

The quiz will end on December 8th.


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